Turn your life on - CD released March 2011
Written,recorded and played by Paul Whitton.
(except "Ambition" which was co written by Paul Gledhill)
Recorded at Planet Bimbo-Melbourn, La Grange Neuve France and Reeltime Studios - Bedfordshire.
“Torture me” and “This close” were recorded yonks ago - but still many thanx all the same to
Mike Strutt and Catherine Smith for their parts in these numbers, also Tat wrote some of “Ambition”....

Cover Paintings/Artwork were done by Phil Whitton who probably should have been doing his homework.

Thanks to the genius that are Vicky Lee/Chris Walls/CeeDub for mastering, video film-making, inspiration,.advice and having never-ending patience with a caveman Yorkshireman who is just about getting used to the audio-cassette let alone the 21st century! Chappers for loads of stuff too. My brothers and sisters Lipstick Torpedo and the Bitch Troll from hell, for giving me confidence. Pierre et Mari, tin tin, Gege, Jean-Jaques, Laurent, Thierry Loudouar, Eric,Bertrand l’opticien and all the other Ruffec pirates. rasta bro Fred for the wisdom and guidance that only he could give!–Jah bless!!! Tam Joseph the king of yoga and the greatest artist that ever lived. All my tribe, Matt Biggenden for photography, Lucy and Bianca-our tranny road-crew. Jamie and Jamie. The cats and chicks in Holland, Balls Mal, Andy two-Bentleys, The ‘dogs bollocks’ motor cycle club, Int Bong bak and everybody else that tolerates me. Peace and love man. XX


Dawning / What i see / Turn your life on
“This set of 3 songs were written about my relationship with my mother, her addiction to tranquilizers, her constant fight with depression and eventual death.

"This section is basically our relationship when i was a kid, she was great fun and would encourage a carefree attitude with statements like “enjoy yourself lad while you can–no one gets out
alive!” Despite this, little things would be said that would make me suspect that all wasn’t well,-little did i know that at that time GPs would hand out antidepressants to all and sundry just to get them out of their offices".

What i see
"This is 20 years on and is written from her point of view, paranoia and distrust of me (or anyone else) which became a constant until she was eventually hospitalized for a routine ailment and suddenly without warning was gone-hence the sudden end to the piece".

Dawning / What i see 4.23

You were playful I liked what you be
You gave me the time of day
But I’m careful cos I got the fear
I can’t afford to give it away

You tell the world that you don’t care
You say that no-one ever gets out alive
You dropped in from the stratosphere
You just came down for the ride

You’re telling me that trouble is what I’m in
I’m telling you my patience is wearing thin
I never heard it said that I didn’t sin for you

Come on and let me take a bit of what I see
And may your god protect me from what I need

You give me your red light it means you want me to go
With sharp sarcasm you can cut my throat
You play your cheating hand as I give my right arm for you

you said you’d show me lost horizons
Your hand a signpost to the stars

But then you realised i’m an easy touch
And to get your filthy way shouldn’t take too much
Just give me twenty seconds and I’ll turn over my life to you.

Turn your life on
”is a short thing about the consequent eventual grief .It all seems a bit morbid but i think (hope) it has a positive vibe.”


Turn your life on 3.50

You feel you can’t go on
The energy’s against you
You feel like only night time
The day just won’t turn on

Turn your day on
Turn your life on
Turn your night on
Turn your faith on

When you can’t find the words
And the train has left the station
You’ve got the mojo of a dead man
And his wife can’t turn you on

(co written by Paul Gledhill)
“This is (like everything) open to interpretation, but stems from distrust of the ostentatious consumerism that seems to be the raison d etre these days. This was written years ago with my old school mate Tat Gledhill.” This musical interpretation in a reggae style was my attempt to re-engage with the song. However coincidentaly Cee Dub was interpreting the original on the album Tic Toc using video and correctly got the meaning. The video brought the original musical interpretation back to life for me I now like both versions. Click Here for the original version and video.

Ambition 2.58

In his life he’d seen
Everything he wanted to see
In a world that gave
Him everything he wanted to be
In her life she’d been
Everywhere she wanted to go
Money made from dreams
Casually she let herself go

There are those who do and those who say they’ve done it all
There are those who don’t do anything more than they need

In a company, policy,
he’d tried hard to change
In a well kept home
The furniture, she had re-arranged

Ambition, Ambition, Ambition

Torture me
“I knew a bloke once whos wife kept leaving him for the same person and would come back after 6 months or so.He’d have her back and then she would do it again.Then he’d have her back again-i’m sure its still happening as we speak!”


Torture me 4.51

And i despair-no matter how hard i try
No i can never-contain this rampant lust for you
And i believe that there’s worse weather still to come
And i know-we can beat it if the wills there
Then you bring me round like a force from above
And i cant turn you down if i try
And i want you to come and i want you to go
Its like i’m wanting you to torture me
And i know-i gotta put some space between us
And i know-that i’ll call you when i get there
And i will say-you’re my sweet little angel
And you’ll reply-by driving nails into my eyes
And i’m crying- you’re like a drug to me, and i’m dying- you’re like a drug
And i’m trying-you’re like a drug to me,and i’m flying-you’re like a drug

The more i want the more i have, the more i need, the more i take, the more i see, the more i steal, the more i lie, the more i bleed, the more i cheat, the more i want, the more i smoke, the more i know, the more i kill, the more i make, the more i have, the more i die, the more i want, the more i have, the more i bleed, the more i take, the more i see, the more i steal.

Porno bimbo
“ Another face from my past used to make amateur porn films,the only criteria was that you would have to be stupid enough to get involved in the first place-then nobody would get payed!-he’s inside as we speak for fraud.”

Porno bimbo 2.04

We’re gonna make a porno film with you-you can make our wildest dreams come true
It’s creamy and it’s easy-you’ll soon learn what to do
You’ll meet lots of hunky spunky boyfriends-and we’ll pay your bus fares too...

We’re gonna make a movie queen of you-you’ll be spread across my flat screen tv soon
We’ll take you to a restaurant-you’ll meet footballers and sheiks
We’ll put you in a taxi home-you can pay us back next week...

We’re gonna make a porno film of you-then you can hang with porno people too
You’ll never be in danger-as long as you do as you’re told
You’d never heard of stage school-yet you bagged the starring role...
We’re gonna make a porno film of you-then you can hang with porno people too
It’s unbelievably easy-you’ll be a master of it soon...

Come on-its the first step to stardom...


Your filthy business
“The vocal line in this was going to be like a choir but Cee Dub reckoned it should sound like a madman-hmmm!”


Your filthy business 2.40 mostly instrumental

I don’t want to know about your filthy business...
I don’t want to know about your filthy business...

A day at the beach
“This one was about petty arguing but went a bit trippy.This is not the proper mix that i intended tu use,you can hear all the popping on the P’s on the mic, so recording engineers will be outraged but i used it cos i liked the guitars better .”

A day at the beach 3.26

Begin at the start-open your heart
You think you can take me-your heaven does not rate me-so i’m told
Give me khama khazi-milly molly nazi-solid gold
There’s nothing like a hearty –slap up funeral party-dance the pole

Hop,skip and die-spare me your eyes
Your face would crack the render-but i could not defend your dignity
You love and you adore them-they make me die of boredom-hurt me please
Yet your enjoyment limiter extends to the perimeter of evil trees

Eat up your flies-kiss life bye bye...

“The original title was something about a boozy jazzy summers day and it was recorded after a Sunday afternoon wine session,i was horrified when i heard how out of time the finger snapping was but fuck it-it is what it is!”

Buzzz 3.07

Well i’m proud of the sun and i’m in love with the trees
But i just found something that brings me to my knees
And i can’t bear the night and i’ve no use for the day
And it’s bad for my health i don’t care what you say...
Won’t you just take the wheel now-i want to know how it feels now
I don’t care if we crash now-i don’t want to go home
Now i got to start smoking and glues a great high
And my guru’s gone camping and there’s no room outside
So i can’t leave the house now there’s no point in asking me
And i wouldn’t work there even if you paid me...
So my flight’s just been cancelled-i’m castaway on a beach
My everyday nightmare is out of my reach
So i’m happy to stay but i’m dying to go
So i’m gonna start drinking and it’s starting to snow...

This close
“This gets stick for the tremolo and iffy mix but i think its spooky and like it so there.-Its about adultery and eventual (possible ) murder.”

This close 2.55

You know they say life’s a party...`
You know they say we’re the sun...
You know they say i’m a fool to believe in you...
You know i say what’s the harm...
Maybe later we can cool things down and bring things into line,
But for now delay the pain of parting till another time,
You know my days may be numbered...
You say my hands could be burned...
You say my fingers can’t stay out of the cookie jar...
You know a fool never learns...

Whip ma whop ma gate 3.17
“I think the title tells you all you need to know don’t you?” instrumental ...
Whip ma whap ma gate is a street that actually exists in Yorkshire






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cover art by Phill Whitton
Painting by Phil Whittoncover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton


cover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton


cover art by Phill Whitton
Painting by Phlill Whittoncover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton


cover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton

cover art by Phill Whitton


Paul Whitton, singer songwriter, is a talented musician. Traveling with his mobile "studio in a guitar case" he prolifically lays down song
after song playing all the instruments himself. Inspirations are eclectic. Lyrics vary from his tongue in cheek 'Porno Bimbo' to darker,
deeper songs like 'Little red cottage', as well as instrumentals like (my favorite) 'Rodriguez'.
Primarily Paul is a guitarist who cant resist picking up and playing (if not owning) every guitar he sees,
but he is equally at home with any instrument and when the clan gathers and parts are shared out, the magic is intense ...
by Cee Dub, web design & playful associate © Paul Whitton 2011