Tik Tok - CD - Released 1997
All songs by Paul Whitton (except "Ambition" which words by Paul Gledhill)
Recorded and released 1997 by Mike Strutt at Reeltime Production Studio, Bedfordshire except
"Pariah" and "Pride in my way" which were recorded at Airwave Studios Kilburn. thanx to
Mike Strutt and Catherine Smith for their parts in these numbers, also Tat wrote some of “Ambition”....

tic toc

Vampire soup
Paranoid conspiracy theories and pessimism abound.

For whom the bell tolls. An attempt at making the hum-drum sound exotic!


An early version of what later became a reggae number on a 2011 CD “Turn your life on".
Cee Dub did a nice video for this on Youtube which visulised the sentiments behind the lyrics
and the mood of this arrangement.


Pride in my way
A little thing about cowboy/adventure type films. Another C-Dub video was done for this.


You’re possessed
For anyone (most people) who have been involved with someone who was unhinged!

Going out on the town and trapping off !(becoming romantically involved)

Demon seed
This is a bit of a lullaby with a dark edge,think Tim Burton!

First light
This one was about dying/separation.

Across the wishing pool
Instrumental,inspired watchimg my daughters playing in a pond catching frogs when they
were small. When I told Cee Dub made this the first video inspired by my songs which also
picks up on the album title Tic Toc




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 Painting by Kak
Painting by Kak Painting by Kak
Painting by Kak
 Painting by Kak

Paul Whitton, singer songwriter, is a talented musician. Traveling with his mobile "studio in a guitar case" he prolifically lays down song
after song playing all the instruments himself. Inspirations are eclectic. Lyrics vary from his tongue in cheek 'Porno Bimbo' to darker,
deeper songs like 'Little red cottage', as well as instrumentals like (my favorite) 'Rodriguez'.
Primarily Paul is a guitarist who cant resist picking up and playing (if not owning) every guitar he sees,
but he is equally at home with any instrument and when the clan gathers and parts are shared out, the magic is intense ...
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