Across the wishing pool
Instrumental,inspired watchimg my daughters playing in a pond catching frogs when they
were small. When I told Cee Dub made this the first video inspired by my songs which also
picks up on the album title Tic Toc


The legend of Rodriguez,his son and the dancing girls 3.50
“Sunshine guitar with a drum and bass beat.Inspired by classical guitar builder Rodriguez, his guitars, and the eventual outcome of playing them!..of course i can’t do classical guitar so will alas never know if it’s true! That’s for real musicians .... real mans guitar playing ... respect.”

Whip ma whop ma gate 3.17
“I think the title tells you all you need to know don’t you?” instrumental ...
Whip ma whap ma gate is a street that actually exists in Yorkshire

Your filthy business
“The vocal line in this was going to be like a choir but Cee Dub reckoned it should sound like a madman-hmmm!”

Your filthy business 2.40 mostly instrumental

I don’t want to know about your filthy business...
I don’t want to know about your filthy business...

Love 2.24

The last Viking
“I like instrumentals and vikings so i thought i’d have a stab-it’s far too long tho!”

The last Viking, 8.27

Part 1 Longships (Instrumental)


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 Painting by Kak
Painting by Kak Painting by Kak
Painting by Kak
 Painting by Kak

Paul Whitton, singer songwriter, is a talented musician. Traveling with his mobile "studio in a guitar case" he prolifically lays down song
after song playing all the instruments himself. Inspirations are eclectic. Lyrics vary from his tongue in cheek 'Porno Bimbo' to darker,
deeper songs like 'Little red cottage', as well as instrumentals like (my favorite) 'Rodriguez'.
Primarily Paul is a guitarist who cant resist picking up and playing (if not owning) every guitar he sees,
but he is equally at home with any instrument and when the clan gathers and parts are shared out, the magic is intense ...
by Cee Dub, web design & playful associate © Paul Whitton 2011