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Guild Acoustic

signed by James Burton Elvis's guitar player
Nashville recording studios
Bought from Irish session man who had fallen on hard times

gibon 350gibson 350

Guild GAD30


"Gibson 350" Archtop

Hybrid 1960s Gibson Body
with 1930s Gibson neck and headstock
Gibson p90s

Of course its got a bigsby
Its a Paul Whitton necessity

I believe Paul searches Bigsby on Ebay
and the guitar follows




"Kill Buljo" Acoustic
Martin Dreadnought

1960 Gibson 125

electric acoustic
Fitted with Bigsby tremelo


Acoustic 4 string Bass
by Ovation

Tangewood 4 string fretless Bass
Stolen from Luke


Rally Resonator Acoustic

1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom


1962 Gibson 345 stereo

1969 Gibson 345 stereo

Fitted with Bigsby tremelo


Gibson Les Paul Standard

Fitted with Bigsby tremelo

Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty

3 Humbucking pickups
Fitted with Bigsby tremelo


Drag En Typecaster
by Cee Dub

Shaved D shape Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, Fender tele mexican bridge and neck pickups. Seymor Duncan 59 Humbucker center pickup, wired through 5 way fender switch with Cee Dub "chicken pickin" wiring.
Bigsby tremelo.
"I tried to put all Pauls favourite sounds and features in one guitar. Its gives me great pleasure to see him play it" Chris (Cee Dub)

Fender Telecaster


Gibson Flying Vee

"Maybe an 89 re-issue"

Gibson Flying Vee Standard

Paul Whitton, singer songwriter, is a talented musician. Traveling with his mobile "studio in a guitar case" he prolifically lays down song
after song playing all the instruments himself. Inspirations are eclectic. Lyrics vary from his tongue in cheek 'Porno Bimbo' to darker,
deeper songs like 'Little red cottage', as well as instrumentals like (my favorite) 'Rodriguez'.
Primarily Paul is a guitarist who cant resist picking up and playing (if not owning) every guitar he sees,
but he is equally at home with any instrument and when the clan gathers and parts are shared out, the magic is intense ...
by Cee Dub, web design & playful associate © Paul Whitton 2011