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This cheerful song by Serge Gainsbourg has here been twisted into a blues stylee by long time worshipper of Gainsbourg Paul.


My arrangement of an early T Rex track. I always thought that the early T Rex stuff was heavily based upon the blues. So I took it back to basics.


Stool at the bar
“I was in France and couldn’t sleep so picked up my resonator and started drinking red wine,i got this groove going and recorded it along with the first verse.Next morning i could remember bugger all about what i recorded but when i played it back i liked it so i finished it (sort of!).

Stool at the bar. 2.24

Woman said she gonna leave me gonna run off out into the night...
Man said he gonna free her-he gonna show my lady light...
Well he took my life and he took my car
He took my smokes and my stool at the bah ahahhh...
Run away become a sailor gonna leave this town and see the world...
Man tells her i’m a no-one then the no-one comes and takes my world...
Cos you know she took my coat and she took my mind  she took my past and left it all behind ahahhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh..guitar!!
Woman said she gonna leave me gonna run off out into the night...
Man tells her i’m a no-one-he gonna show my lady light...
You know she took my coat and she took my mind
She took my smokes and my stool at the bar
She said she gonna leave me gonna run off out into the night.

Turn your life on
”is a short thing about bereavement and grief. It all seems a bit morbid but i think (hope) it has a positive vibe.”


Turn your life on 3.50

You feel you can’t go on
The energy’s against you
You feel like only night time
The day just won’t turn on

Turn your day on
Turn your life on
Turn your night on
Turn your faith on

When you can’t find the words
And the train has left the station
You’ve got the mojo of a dead man
And his wife can’t turn you on

This close
“This gets stick for the tremolo and iffy mix but i think its spooky and like it so there.-Its about adultery and eventual (possible ) murder.”

This close 2.55

You know they say life’s a party...`
You know they say we’re the sun...
You know they say i’m a fool to believe in you...
You know i say what’s the harm...
Maybe later we can cool things down and bring things into line,
But for now delay the pain of parting till another time,
You know my days may be numbered...
You say my hands could be burned...
You say my fingers can’t stay out of the cookie jar...
You know a fool never learns...

Higher Ground
My arrangement of the previously funky Stevie Wonder song.

Your brother
“Line dancing....aaarrrgghh-- No Chappers no!!!”

Your brother. 2.40

I just got out of prison-i just got out today
I’m gonna find your brother i’m gonna blow him clean awayayay..
( 5-10-15- years blown away.....
5-10-15-20-25-30-years thrown away... )
I’m gonna find your brother-i’m gonna make him pay
I bought me a brand new handgun-i’m gonna blow him clean awayayay...
( I bought me a brand new handgun-i’m gonna blow him clean away...
5-10-15-years blown away.....)
I got me a brand new handgun,a good strong length of rope,
Well he can try to run and hide but i tell ya he got no hope...
( 5-10-15-years blown away.....
5-10-15-20-25-30-rears thrown away....)

Weary alien blues
“This was a bit of a blues spoof messing around sort of thing-I was only going to use about 20 seconds of this and fade out of the CD but C-
Dub said leave the whole thing in –he ‘d just built me a killer
Telecaster as a present so who was i to argue?”

Weary alien Blues. 2.51

I done just about worked for everyone,
A paying hand don’t play to lose,
From the railroad to the goldmines,
I’m told i should be grateful...

but i got the blues
i got the blues
railroad blues
dust in the goldmine blues.

Tho my days are never empty
Its always the same thing in my sights,
My whole world’s in the boots that i wear,
Just trying to survive...

But it can make you blue
ah you know thats right
I’m black and blue now
from just trying to do what’s right.

Torture me
“I knew a bloke once whos wife kept leaving him for the same person and would come back after 6 months or so.He’d have her back and then she would do it again.Then he’d have her back again-i’m sure its still happening as we speak!”


Torture me 4.51

And i despair-no matter how hard i try
No i can never-contain this rampant lust for you
And i believe that there’s worse weather still to come
And i know-we can beat it if the wills there
Then you bring me round like a force from above
And i cant turn you down if i try
And i want you to come and i want you to go
Its like i’m wanting you to torture me
And i know-i gotta put some space between us
And i know-that i’ll call you when i get there
And i will say-you’re my sweet little angel
And you’ll reply-by driving nails into my eyes
And i’m crying- you’re like a drug to me, and i’m dying- you’re like a drug
And i’m trying-you’re like a drug to me,and i’m flying-you’re like a drug

Lady Day and John Coltrane
A demo version of a great Gil Scott Heron song. Nothing needs to be said about Gil's influence on music from the blues to rap and funk.



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